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29 September 2015

Meeting Update

By nigelashton

Last Saturday saw some of us in our usual venue in the council building in Uckfield for our monthly meeting. Although we were a little down on numbers, we still had five of us discussing projects and ideas while doing some model making. Gareth was doing more coach lining and apparently managed sufficient corners to match the previous two months' efforts. Calculations revealed that the coach rake should be finished some time in late 2017 at the current rate!

Dave was working on some wagon chassis, using his self-built RSU while David was working on some DG couplings. We admired David's completed Langley horse-drawn vehicles and although I didn't get a shot, these did appear on the Kent and Essex group blog recently. Seeing them in the metal revealed even more detail.

I was replacing the quoins on the station building for Llangerisech. The earlier ones were cut from self adhesive paper using the Robo cutter, but had a habit of peeling off and looked a little too mint. So I used the cutter again to cut strips of the same width, but then could fold the paper and cut the strips evenly to length with a scalpel. These strips can then be glued on in alternating patterns using decent glue so they won't peel. A little weathering will highlight the morter courses. The plan is also to do some elements of interior detail so that doors can be left open.

Conversation revolved around Scouts, future exhibitions, using acrylic paint on FUD 3D prints as enamel is tricky, and the changing face of commercial exhibitions. I also gave an update to Guy about the new cassette system on Llangerisech as he missed the previous meeting, so I have included a couple of shots of this too.

Oh and Guy was doing some unfathomable Warhammer thing that was given to him by his brother......



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