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11 October 2014

It's Show Time!

By nigelashton

Evening  all.

Well  all the modelling activity culminating in the production of a second Collett Goods loco did produce a nice runner. First picture sees the running in session on the rollers. I think that was Thursday some time.

Today saw a bunch of us at Aldershot for an excellent show and an AGM thrown in for good measure. I took a couple of shots, during the set up phase when a lot of locos were in the shed area - it never got that crowded in normal running.

As this was the first time running the layout in its 1930's guise, I feared a degree of finger prodding, but things could have been worse. We found the Jones goods and the two Colletts pretty reliable. The 2p was a little variable, but fine once moving which is a little odd. Tre Pol and Pen had a couple of "moments" but benefitted from tweaks done during the course of the day. The Pannier pilot proved very able, but I spent a lot more time cleaning and re-cleaning the track throughout the day. I don't recall any real problems with the Manor, but David or Richard may tell you differently. We sidelined the 45xx fairly early, but I do have a plan to improve it soon.  A couple of coaches have had running issues, and as usual it is a question of identifying and rectifying these. Only through continuous monitoring will we improve things. Even the diesel stock went through this phase, so I am hopeful of seeing imporovements in reliability tomorrow and at future shows.

Anyway, it was good to see so many 2mm Association folk today and share ideas. We need to entertain the general public more tomorrow, so a long clean will be the starting point of the day.




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